Did you ever see teachers whispering in the hallway? What are they talking about? Maybe they are talking about:

  • a student in their class,
  • the boss and his/her latest edict,
  • the parent who just told the teacher about his needs,
  • what they brought for lunch,
  • their upcoming anniversary,
  • their birthday,
  • their daughter’s newest job,

It could be just about anything. Teachers need friends, someone to talk to and listen to.

Hey, administrators, stop taking up their free time with meetings and extra coverage. Teachers need time to relax, catch their breathe, talk to friends, Some of the time the teacher will be grading papers during their free period, but sometimes not. Sometimes they will just be relaxing in the faculty lounge, sometimes talking to friends, sometimes meeting with students and/or parents.

Give your teachers a break. sometimes things are just a chance to catch one’s breath!

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