Children are naturally curious. They are always getting into things, sometimes things we don’t want them in, but they do get in and make a mess. I got in trouble for taking apart a radio, back when they had parts and tubes. And then I could not put it back together again. Oh, Oh! Boy, did I get in trouble? One dead radio and lots of parts making a big mess on the floor. I was spanked for that.

As youngsters, this is how we learn. DO NOT stick a fork in an electrical socket. I did and I learned. As young children, we poke and prod to see what happens. Babies mush the food in their bowls with their fingers and then smear it on their faces. Why? To see what it feels like. What is this stuff?

Let’s have the students explore with no danger. Welcome to STEMKids! Get the STEMScope, a portable microscope. Teachers, get a four-pack or enough for the entire class. Very reasonably priced.
Ignite Science Curiosity at the Ideal Age!

Studies have shown that teaching kids science at an early age can have long-term benefits. Bring fun into learning (without the complaining) by uncovering a whole new microscopic world with our easy-to-use handheld microscope for kids! Entertain Them for Hours!

Just sit back and relax as you watch your kids run around with glee as they look for new things to examine! Beat the screen culture with no fuss! The STEMScope portable microscope stimulates your kid’s natural way of learning through engaging, hands-on play! Go to: and use coupon code GORDONRODE and get 5% off. An even better price for your students, school, and/or child!

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