The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) is offering a number of free opportunities for you to make science real for your students! Here are a few of the offerings.

Grades K–12

Endurance22 Virtual Exchange Expedition

Reach the World, in partnership with the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, invites teachers and K–12 students to participate in the Endurance22 Expedition to Antarctica, a virtual exchange expedition. The expedition will search for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s sunken ship, Endurance, the world’s most famous undiscovered shipwreck. Classrooms will board (virtually) the South African icebreaker Agulhas II and travel across the remote Weddell Sea to learn about polar navigation, weather and climate, ocean dynamics, Antarctic geography, and ice in its many forms. 

Alexa for Astronauts Virtual Public Tours
In the Alexa for Astronauts program, students become virtual crew members as Alexa heads to the Moon on NASA’s Artemis I. Teachers and students of grades four and higher can join a free, interactive virtual tour, live from Johnson Space Center this spring, as Artemis I takes flight to the Moon. Students will learn how to program their own Alexa skills that could help astronauts solve problems in space and communities at home.

STEM Resources From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

In 2021, the education team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California added nearly 80 new space-related science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) resources to their online catalog of lessons, activities, articles, and videos for K–12 educators, students, and families. The resources introduce learners to NASA’s latest missions exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars, asteroids, the solar system, and the universe beyond and generate interest in space exploration.

NASA JPL Teach Resource Database

NASA’s JPL has a large database of high-quality K–12 space education resources: classroom activities, demonstrations, videos, and more.


Project Playbook: Educator Edition

Looking for projects to encourage STEM exploration among K–5 students? Annenberg Learner’s Project Playbook: Educator Edition offers lesson plans to facilitate nearly 40 student inquiry projects and provides teachers with everything they need to support students in conducting science explorations to make sense of the world.

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