Teaching is Easy, NOT!!

Since every adult has been in school, faced a teacher, been on one side of the desk, they then think they can teach (the other side of the desk) and it’s easy. I have had people tell me that it’s not that hard and you get three months of the year off too. So how hard can it be?

Well, try this. There are 20 to 30 or more students in the classroom. They each have a different modality of learning. Some learn best by hearing it, some by seeing it, and some by reading it. Each student has their own dominant intelligence based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Your job is to get to know each and every child on a personal level so that they know you, know that you care, and want to learn for you. People do things for other people. Football players work hard for their coaches. Nick Saban has players who believe in their coach so much that they will work hours for him. The product, success! Students will work on an assignment for hours for a teacher who believes in them. The product, Success!

Now add to getting to know personally the 20 to 30 students in your classroom, the fact that you are to teach them a state prescribed curriculum. You are to introduce the students to a new topic in an interesting way, practice these new skills, and then assess them. Every day is some combination of introducing something creatively, practicing, assessing, repeat. Those who grasped the concept on the first pass now need an enrichment activity while you circle around to those struggling. They need a new and different introduction.

In your tool kit are presentations based on some combination of;

Teacher Presentation,

Video Presentation,


Q & A,

Practice in Writing,

Practice Through Play,

Practice Through Problem Solving, and/or

Student Presentation.

In the summer months, teachers are designing new and creative lesson plans. Learning to use the latest in technology, and attending conferences to further their educational knowledge. I really do not understand why the general public does not understand how emotionally draining and time-consuming teaching is.

You send one of the most important people in your life to us for caring and teaching; the teaching of subject matter, of kindness, of respect, of getting along with one another, and a love of learning. And you don’t respect us, REALLY!

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