Teaching Is Love!

I loved going to school. For personal reasons, school was the place where I felt most at home. But that’s not the case for everyone. In fact, I would venture to say that that’s not the case for most. Going to school for the first time is scary. Meeting new people is scary, will they like me? Will the teacher like me? Will I be called on by the teacher, will I know the answer? Will the kids laugh at me? Scary stuff!

When you are older, the questions are different but just as scary. Will that boy or girl like me? Will the kids laugh at my acne? Should I try those drugs? Will I make the sports team? Can I pass algebra? All scary stuff!

In order for the school to be a safe place for students, the teachers have to care about their students, love their students, respect their students, all of them. I have a good friend who teaches first grade and she is one of the best! She posted the following the other day. “Today I had a student return after being gone for 3 weeks. I greeted him with a hug and when I turned to tell the class who was back they clapped and cheered❤️💕❤️👏👏👏 The look on his face said it all. We as teachers have a front-row seat to the best moments ever👍❤️🍎🍎🍎” That’s a real TEACHER!

I have often said that there are two kinds of teachers, those who love children and those who love authority. Think about it. Where else can you close the door and have 20 to 30 individuals obey your every command? Parents. make sure your child is going to a school where your child’s teacher loves him/her, warts and all. A great school provides that kind of teacher every year, not just once in a while.

School isn’t easy. The students have to master decoding those symbols called reading. They study history and examine its ramifications. They study science and that dreaded algebra. It isn’t easy, from preschool to high school. And add to that computers, apps, and coding. So you want a teacher who loves them as they push them to be their best, pishes them to do more, to do better. Whether teaching or coaching (coaching is teaching), maybe Eddie Robinson said it best!

May be an image of 8 people and text that says 'Coach's Diary @ACoachsDiary "Coaching is a profession of love. You can't coach someone hard unless they know that you love them!" Eddie Robinson'

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