Passion, Deviance, and Long Marches – Part 3

Stratagem #3 – Serve as role models of people of character and moral values!

Qoute #3 – The things that sustain change are not bold strokes, but long marches.”  Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Question #3 – Do the children and their parents see the faculty and staff live good lives of honesty, hard work, and helpfulness, that of life-long-learners?

Children learn more from what you do than from what you say. Whether you think they are paying attention or not, they see most everything. Even if not consciously, your actions are noted subconsciously by the students. So, when you are late for class regularly, it says to them that class is not all that important. And yet they get punished for being late and you don’t.

When you forget to copy their assignment and have to leave class and run to the copier, it says it’s human to forget things for class. And yet they get in trouble for forgetting their book or pencil.

When you answer your phone or text during class, it says the class is not all that important.

When you are not prepared for class, it says you did not have time for your students.

When they overhear you talk about another student to a colleague, they wonder what do you say about them.

When you are absent from school often, it says that teaching and learning are not important to you.

Where are your understanding and grace? You are human and so are your students. People forget things and make mistakes. Do you treat your students as you want to be treated?

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