Running Through Walls

I recently read a review of an educational book called The Highly Engaged Classroom by Robert J. Marzano and Debra J. Pickering.  I truly believe that ordinary people do extraordinary things for other people, because of relationships.  Every championship team has a dynamic and motivational coach.  There are coaches who win championships no matter where they coach.  The players would run through walls for them  They do it for the person who they believe in and trust completely.  Well, children learn greatly (or not) because of and for you the teacher.  If the teacher convinces the students that they care about them and that their class has the best and the most exciting knowledge, all will learn it.

The book starts out by discussing how the students feel and its effect on their learning, and you the teacher create this environment.

If they feel like this , they will learn well:                               However, if they feel like this, they will not:

Enthusiasm                                                                               Boredom

Interest                                                                                    Disinterest

Enjoyment                                                                                Frustration

Satisfaction                                                                              Anger

Pride                                                                                        Sadness

Vitality                                                                                      Worry/Anxiety

Zest                                                                                          Shame

Think about your own classroom. Resources for you!

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