OPEN THE DOOR! You have nothing to hide.

There are two kinds of teachers, those who love children and those who love power!

Think about it!  Where else can you become a ruler (no pun intended) instantly?  Where else can you close the door to your room and be in charge of the lives of 20 human beings?  Those 20 youngsters must do everything you say all day long, for at least seven hours a day.  They speak only when you call on them, they get in line when you say, sit when you say, and open and close books only when you say.  They can only go to the bathroom if you allow it.  WOW!

So the question is, is a great teacher born or made?  A great teacher is born first and foremost with a love of children.  She is born with a nurturing and caring nature, with the ability to communicate with her students in age-appropriate terms clearly and be able to say it in many different ways.  She is able to engage all of her students by telling stories that interest them.  She is born with the innate ability to sense which child needs strict guidelines, which one needs a hug, and which one needs a second chance.

In terms of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, a teacher needs to have dominant Interpersonal and Linguistic Intelligences.   The Interpersonal Intelligence is “the ability to understand other people: what motivates them, how they work, and how to work cooperatively with them.”  A  great teacher must be able to connect with each and every child in her classroom, encourage their strengths, and encourage them to learn for the intrinsic pleasure of it. More about Multiple Intelligences!

The Linguistic Intelligence “entails facility in the use of spoken and written language.”  A great teacher must be able to communicate in unambiguous terms a new idea with excitement.

There are two kinds of teachers and I choose nurturing, how about you?

OPEN THE DOOR! You have nothing to hide.

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